I do a lot of work in PowerShell. A good deal of the work is in direct response to a need within my job, and for the more interesting things I’ve decided to setup a few pages to document them in a little better detail.
This is the PowerShell module that I’m working on. It’s not really a module at the moment, it’s really more a collection of script libraries, but it’s what I’ve been using now for the past year or two at work in my everyday management of servers and resources.
This is actually pretty cool. I enjoy virtu-AL a great deal, and he’s done some really neat things. I created a collection of scripts that allows you to do reporting on AD inside his vCheck framework. No extra modules are required, I have created a smaller version of my AD library and included it, as it uses straight ADSI.
I wrote an article to replace the PaperCut Print Logger quite a while ago, and this script has gone through some major changes since then. The resulting logger is composed of two scripts that allow you to get a list of documents printed and correctly calculate the count of documents printed. This is all stored in a SQL database so you can easily query for information.
This is a simple web app written in C# that connects to a VMware installation and allows you to clone a vm. This is my first attempt at any significant amount of C# work, and most of my time was spent on the C# side and not as much on the html side.

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