VMware Update Manager not responding

I received a lovely notice this morning as I was working through my servers and performing updates. I decided I would check my ESXi servers for updates using the VMware Update Manager plugin. This lovely plugin will go out and grab updates for your servers from VMware and I think optionally for other sources you define, but not today.


I googled around and found some promising threads on VMware’s forums, but nothing seemed to do the trick for me. Then I found this KB article, while not quite exactly what I was experiencing, it was very close. Originally I didn’t think that this article applied to my situation as my SQL instance is not using Windows Authentication, and my service runs as localsystem.
But when I looked in the vci-integrity.xml file I noted that there was a URL that was pointing at an IP address. Since IP’s are dynamic for me, I changed this to the hostname of the server, and all was right in the world!
I’m not sure why an IP address was listed in there, I assume this is done at install and most likely that IP address was the IP of my server at the time, and it recently changed so it no longer worked. Some might say that I should hard set my server IP addresses, I say your installer shouldn’t assume that an IP address will always be the same. After all how hard is it to find out if the host IP is static or dynamic?
Not hard at all anymore…

RedHat 6 Enterprise + VMware VSphere 4.0

Odd thing happened today while I was setting up a server for someone. The RHEL 6 install went just fine, it found the network card, asked if I wanted to configure it via DHCP and all that. When the server rebooted, there was no eth0. When I ran ifconfig eth0 up, the adapter showed up, but then wouldn’t get an IP from DHCP. A quick look at the messages showed the following


No broadcast interfaces found?

Unhandled state?

Now I admit that I’m not much of a Linux admin, I have setup and done some cool stuff, but it’s just not my forte. So I resorted to Google, when Nick and Carson didn’t the answer for me!

I found this thread. In it the user stated that if he ran dhclient eth0 the adapter would go, so I did that and sure enough I got an IP address. When I started poking around I noted that in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 that ONBOOT was set to NO, I changed this to YES. Then to verify that it was working properly, I stopped the network service, shutdown the computer, and moved it to a different VLAN.

When the server came back up, it had an IP address, I’ve never had RHEL do that before, and I’ve done several installs, so I guess it’s a fluke? But if not, at least I’ve documented how I got it to go if it happens to me again!

HA/FDM fails to restart a virtual machine with the error: Failed to open file /vmfs/volumes/UUID/.dvsData/ID/100 Status (bad0003)= Not found

This came across my newsfeed last night and this morning, and before I lose the links I thought I’d post them up here.

VMware KB article

Description of the Problem

Perl script to detect and resolve

PowerShell script to detect and resolve