Windows 7 Enterprise Dell Optiplex 960

We received new computers today from Dell. We ordered the Optiplex 960 with an Intel Quad core, 8GB of RAM and a pair of 150GB SATA drives. By default the computers were configured for RAID 1, since I was loading Windows 7 Enterprise I didn’t mind losing the Dell installed Windows 7 Pro, with all the Dell goop. Configured the Intel RAID card for RAID 0, Striping (I never remember which is which). The installation was straightforward everything detected and worked just fine. Carson didn’t have as much luck, hopefully he documents the LVM stuff somewhere for when the LTS comes out!

The really nice thing about these computers for us is the striped drives. We do a lot of stuff in VM’s and having an incredibly fast drive couple with lots of processor and memory is really going to improve the quantity and quality of our experience. I will write up something covering Windows Virtual PC, XP Mode and Application virtualization later.

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